Ready, Set… What next?

Life is a Pisa cake... Get it? Piece of Cake... Yeah that was bad.

This blog, more or less, is an ode to life’s grandeur.  Lately, life has begun to speed up and it has decided to give me more chances than I ever thought possible.  Thus the title of my blog, ‘Dream This Life’.  Growing up, I lived in an upper middle class home with 3 older brothers when suddenly, like most couples in the 90s, our parents divorced.  Certain events took place that devastated my self-esteem / self-worth, which was challenging to overcome.  Some people deal with emotional challenges in life with a variety of solutions; however my solution entailed a global expedition that started when I was 14.

The purpose of travelling and conquering the globe, so to speak, was not to prove my independence as a boy wanting to become a MAN, but to open my eyes to other cultures and thoughts of positivity.  Before the leap into the unkown, I was a teenager stuck in the southern United States micro-managing my entire family’s problems.  Each little tiny bit of grief was scrutinized in my young brain.  There came a point when analyzing and peacemaking no longer held things together for me.  There came a time when I opened a book full of photos from around the world and felt happy again.  I felt at ease thinking about absolute tranquility discovering new scenery and images face to face that were otherwise locked in the pages of this book.

Life has challenges for everyone, but there are a few things we all desire to make the journey comfortable…  In this blog I’ll talk about all the lessons I am learning from these travels.

Dream this life.

  1. finola said:

    Good luck in your adventures! Look forward to reading your posts… how travelling helps you on your personal journey.

    • Thanks!

  2. Interesting and funny shot 🙂

    • Thanks so much for checking out my post! 🙂

  3. Raul said:

    Nice telling of your story (in relation to travel). I like “dream this life”.

    • I try to make it more of an interesting story instead of a list of events. Thanks for reading!

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